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    Just upload your film – and you’ll get it back with subtitles

    Upload your film to Textoo. Just make sure it’s not longer than 10 minutes. We’ll subtitle and/or translate your film at fixed rates. You get your film back with professional subtitles.

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    Pick your subtitle style

    Do you want cinema style subtitles or TV style? You decide.

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    Choose type of subtitling

    Same language subtitling or translation? It’s up to you. Just press the right button.

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    Delivery within two working days

    Just upload your film and place your order. We’ll subtitle it for you. When the subtitling is finished you’ll get a proof for approval. Here, you can make changes and when you’re happy, we’ll send your film back to you.

Fixed rates


    – subtitling in the same language as the dialogue

    With subtitles you get the message across even without sound.

    We’ll take care of the entire process – just upload the film and we’ll send it back to you with subtitles.

    True professional subtitling.

    145 EUR

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    – English and the Nordic languages. In any combination

    Which Nordic language do you require? Just press the button. Pick your preferred subtitle presentation style. And rest assured, the translation is done by professional translators.

    Translation and subtitling in one smooth, simple process. Just upload the film – and you’ll get it back with subtitles.

    245 EUR

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What will it look like?

  • Here's a preview. Have a look!

    What is good subtitling? It’s not just packing everything that’s being said into two rows of text. The hallmark of good subtitling is careful editing, logical segmentation and a clean, elegant typeface that respects established subtitling conventions.

    In short, professional subtitling. Here’s an example.
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Questions & Answers

Q: Do I get the same quality back?

Yes, there is no reduction in resolution or quality in the subtitled version. If you send us top quality you get top quality back – with subtitles. But remember, we can’t work wonders and turn a low quality video into HD. The quality you send us, is what you get back.

Q: Machine or man?

The best part is that it’s both. The linguistic work is done by professional subtitlers and translators. And then the subtitling machine takes over and adds professional subtitles to your content. Simple and smooth.

Q: How long before I get my subtitled film back?

Standard turnaround time for a film is two working days (weekdays only). If you’re in a rush, we can turn it around as an express job.

Q: What if I’m not happy with the subtitles?

Before we add the subtitles to your uploaded content, you’ll get final say. We’ll send you a proof. This means you have control over the output and can make any changes you want. Once you’ve approved the proof, we’ll run your film through the subtitling machine and you get the subtitles you want.

Q: How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card or, if you’re a registered business in the Nordic countries, by invoice.

Q: Why do I have to pay in advance?

Once you upload your content, we start working on it. We want you to be certain that your content is ready for subtitling. The payment guarantees that we can start work on your film.

Q: Why does the content have to be less than 10 minutes?

Shorts between 0 and 10 minutes long are a very common format, and the demand for subtitling in this format is growing. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus on this format. Of course we’re just as good at subtitling longer content – but then we prefer to discuss the project in more detail. If you have a project with longer running time, please contact us!

What is Textoo?

  • Smooth subtitling

    Textoo is a smooth, simple online subtitling service for content between 0 and 10 minutes. An online subtitling machine. Producing a film is a complex process involving many different tasks. If you need subtitles you shouldn’t have to make that into a project in itself. That’s why we’ve made the subtitling process as simple as pressing a button.

  • Subtitles replace sound

    Today, many people watch video content without sound. You need subtitles to get your message across. And with Textoo that process couldn’t be any simpler. Just upload your content and we’ll add the subtitles you need and send your film back to you.

  • Professional subtitles

    With Textoo you’ll get subtitling as professional as on the TV or cinema screen – both in appearance and content. Our subtitles comply with industry standard and will meet the highest demands. We only work with professional subtitlers and translators. And we’ll make sure you’re happy with the result!

Further questions?

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If you have queries about Textoo or subtitling in general, please get in touch. We’re here during office hours, European time.

Telephone + 46 8 22 13 50

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